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11. (When) could we change the Maximum Speed?

Q: After what time could we change the maximum speed, that results in 100% performance?

Arno Koch •    The maximum speed should be a reference point to OEE. It should not change unless after reengineering the equipment. Therefore, the maximum speed should be derived from the THEORETICAL maximum speed of the equipment.

In case of an extruder this should be not too difficult:

  1. Find out: what is the maximum amount of KG raw material the extruder can extrude “without die”. Bluntly said, the “pumping capacity” of the extruder.
  2. Now determine the weight of the product and (questionably including spreaders and runners) calculate how many product could be made with this amount of raw material.

This is your base-value per product for the maximum speed.

You might find out you have a not so profitable product allocations on this machine due to different cooling time. DO NOT try to ‘correct’ this in the maximum speed, yet let the different performance rates show the different effectiveness for those product!

IF you apply the ‘best of best over time’ method, as a rule of thumb at least raise the highest found values with 20 or 25%. Chances are high now maybe you are in the direction of the real value (experience based on analyses of more than 1000 machines)

See: How to determine Cycle Time

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