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6. Should ‘Breaks’ be in- or excluded in the OEE?

Q: Why do you include breaks in the OEE? We have a legal right to have a break!

Arno Koch •    OEE measures the machine, not the operator. During the breaks, the machine waits for something to be done before it can start generating money again; to the machine a break is a loss. The machine does not need these breaks, even if the operator does…

The machine does not requires breaks!

Why stopping a machine during the breaks?

Your approach assumes the machine can not run while you are having your coffee or lunch. The reason to include it in the OEE is to make the production team aware of this potential loss. Is there really no way to let the machine run 15 or 30 minutes without operator interference? Would it be possible to have an other operator at the machine? Could an other operator watch your machine while you go away? Could you load it and just leave? Why not??

Show breaks in TEEP

Another approach to make this loss visible when taken out of the OEE, is to show it in the TEEP (TEEP measures the effectiveness including ALL time, 24/7).

TEEP is absolutely to be observed simultaneously with OEE, but one should carefully consider what behavior from management and from the production team is required and desired.

Use the creativity of your teams!

My experience is that operators can be extremely creative and more than once found solutions to keep it running. This behavior was initiated because they saw the loss and thus the improvement potential in their OEE! Achieving 6% improvement in effectiveness at no cost and little effort was worthwhile thinking about for them without a manager who forced them to change their routine…

So this is a matter of perspective or believe: who could and should respond to such losses.
In my perspective, the operator is the psychological owner of the equipment: He is the one who is the professional in the art of repeating the same value creation over and over again with his machine. He therefore should also be able to request the right actions he needs (either from himselves or from others that are there to support the value-creation) to be able to do so.

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