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9. How do I best measure the performance of our machines?

Q: I have been asked by my boss to find a way for evaluating the performance of the Machines in our factory and I found the implementation of OEE is the best way. Now I have some questions about how to define OEE, I have been following this website which helps me a lot.

Arno Koch  •  It is good to hear this site helps you and I am happy to see you refer to your Machines as with a capital M 😉

Your question raises some new questions for me…

  • What is it your boss is really looking for? Is he deeply interested in the performance of his machines? Does he want to compare them, and if so why?
  • What will be the role of the shop floor team when the performance of the machines has become clear to your boss? What will your boss do with the numbers you are going to establish?
  • Is your boss trying to find a way to compare the machines?

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