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4. Our people don’t like to collect data. How to address this?

I am an industrial engineering supervisor. I work for an automotive sensors, solenoids, and switches supplier for the automotive market. We are 53rd out of the 150 top suppliers.

I have some questions for you regarding OEE implementation and software:

Collect Data for OEE

Q1: Data collection can be a problem (Garbage in Garbage out) and the best of software solutions can fail for lack of complete and accurate data. Production people see any form to collect data as a hassle. How does OEE address this?

Arno Koch •    Instead of adding an extra hurdle, lets find a way to reduce the operators burden,  by gathering ONLY the data that is at the bottom line necessary. Normally the operator collects a lot of data that is not leading in any way to improvement. By eliminating such registrations it should be a relieve to the operator.

OEE is a real Operator tool that should help him or hear to do the job with fewer problems. It goes a little to far here, but the book “OEE for the production team” tells all about it. In one of the workshops in Vegas September 99, I explained how to collect data for OEE in an effective way.

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