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OEE Step 1. Select a (pilot) machine

Q: How to select a machine to implement OEE on?

  • Keep it simple: first and foremost, the goal of an initial OEE implementation is to learn how OEE works. Therefore, choose a machine that is easy to overview, with a minimum of different things happening.
  • Find the right team: a team that is eager to get improvements done is preferable to a ‘cannot/will not’ team.
  • Form a stable team: some machines seem like Grand Central Station, with different people operating them every day. Make sure that a fixed team is assigned to the machine.
  • Pair up a technical department staff member with the team: assign a permanent technician who knows the equipment and who will act as the contact person.
  • See to it that the pilot is a success: you only get one chance to make a first impression. If your first measurement is a success, you will have the opportunity
    to proceed. Keep in mind that the people waiting to see something new fail (‘I told you so!’) will always outnumber the people who are standing by to
    spontaneously pitch in to help you.

Pilot machines:
Implement OEE in the machine where success is guaranteed.
The next machines in line:
Implement OEE in machines where the focus of  the improvement strategy must be directed.

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