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OEE Step 4. Train the team
Q: How and who to train and instruct?

Instruct the team how to use OEE

 Instruct the production team

  1. Organize a kick-off meeting for the team led by someone who has OEE experience. Clearly explain ‘why OEE’.
  2. Make sure that every team member understands:
    • how OEE works in general terms;
    • how OEE is defined for the machine in question;
    • that OEE is ‘machine-oriented’;
    • that ‘standard’ is not the same as the old ‘norm’.
  3. Provide ‘on-the-job training’: the team might need help with filling in and processing the data during the first week.
  4. As trainer/supervisor, make sure that you find out what knowledge about the machine and process the team still needs, and adapt your training program accordingly.
  5. In order to be able to use OEE as a driving force for improvement, the users must fully understand the OEE.

Unfortunately, all too often we see that everyone in the company has ample opportunities for training, yet no time is set aside for the production team to undergo essential training. It is the management’s job to make time for this!

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