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OEE Step 8. Inform your management

Q: What is the role of the management in OEE? Why should we inform them?

The role of the management in OEE is to manage improvements in the organization. The production team can help by supplying management with the right information. This is why step 8 in the OEE implementation cycle is:

Inform the management

  • Show the improvements: facts and figures.
  • Even soshow the problems: again… Facts and Figures
  • Let management see the team’s power.
  • Show that it is possible to achieve high results at low costs. In order to gain a high yield from the OEE information, attention and support on the part of management are essential.

Implementing OEE: Team informs management


Management provides the requirements for improvement

Only when well informed, the management can provide the right means and conditions for Continuous Improvement.

In step 8, the communication between Team and Management is bridged. The team clarifies what is needed to perform their tasks in a better way. The team shows:

  • This is where we are
  • And this could be done different and better
  • To do so, we need ….
  • Could you please provide this?

Now the management can inform it-selves (and take a decision);

  • Do we understand the problem?
  • Does it makes sense to us?
  • Do we need additional information?
  • Can we support the request?
  • And can we explain why or why not?

NO is also an answer

The vast majority of requests will make sense and are worth while to support. However, sometimes there may be good reasons not to go along.

When this is being explained to the team, it will create a mutual understanding and the team will respect the decision. It sounds so obvious, however in real live I often see teams that simply can not understand why decisions are being made and what they can expect from their management…

Celebrate success!

Everybody likes to receive acknowledgment. A sincere compliment, being REALLY interested what is going on, listening carefully and ask relevant questions, and even challenging the team, can do miracles.

It’s for free and will add quality of life to everybody involved!

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