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3. How to determine the maximum speed (Ideal Cycle Time)?

Q: Our textile printing machine runs different products (fabric type along with number of printing colors). We don’t have any information regarding maximum speed against each type of product (fabric type, number of colors etc.).

How can I calculate maximum (Theoretical) speed of my machine when no manufacturer data is available?

Arno Koch •  The most important thing here is not to set the maximum speed too low; otherwise whenever your actual speed will exceed the maximum speed, your OEE calculation is no longer valid.

How to determine the maximum speed?

There are 3 possible solutions in this situation:

Per product group (ie one color, two colors, three colors) ask the following questions.

  1. Do we know what determines the THEORETICAL maximum speed (so limited by laws of nature…). If so, I would suggest this is your maximum speed. Even if it seems to be impossible to achieve now. No problem; it will just lower your OEE, remember; it is not your goal to have a high OEE, it is your goal to find ALL potential losses!
  2. What was the highest ever ran speed in the last two years? Take this and add an extra 20% to make sure not to go over the max speed in the next years.
  3. If there is a possibility to run the machine empty, try what it can do. Again; you are looking for a THEORETICAL maximum speed, to be used as a reference point for the next years; it is NOT your goal to be achieved. Your goal is to stabilize your machine and improve it step by step.

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