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10. How to determine the Ideal Cycle Time for multiple parts/cycle times?

Q: How to determine the “Ideal Cycle Time” in cases of multiple parts with various cycle times?

Daniel Högfeldt •    On machines where more than one job number is made during the day a volume weighted ideal cycle time has to be calculated. That is because a straight average would not take into account for how long that job number was run. A volume weighted average (Honda 2000) looks at how long it should take to make the pieces that was produced and is then divided by the total number of pieces produced. See table 8.

How to determine the "Ideal Cycle Time" in cases of multiple parts with various cycle timesCorrect Method Volume Weighted average = Total Seconds / Total Pieces Run = 3505847 / 112866 = 31.1 sec.

Incorrect Method Straight Cycle Time Average = (23+42+51+29+36)/5 = 36.2 sec.

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