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7. Is the maximum speed ‘realistic’?

Is the maximum speed ‘realistic’?

Many people are afraid to define this theoretical maximum speed, since ‘this is not realistic, we will never achieve this’.

Well, I do not know if you will never achieve this. I do know that out there are tons of machines that after years, even without TPM, run far over their design capacity! So who knows how far we will get!

It is precisely the goal in this definition that we will not easily trespass the 100% limit of the performance rate, so we will keep a fixed reference point, allowing us to determine over the years whether and how much we are improving.

So the maximum speed value is merely like the north on our compass: It helps us to keep direction, rather than defining we have to go there! Think carefully about this, since it has quite some consequences.
Ok, now you understand why handling is NOT included in the ‘standard’. But how are we going to see ‘handling’ in the OEE?

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