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6. How to consider Spillage?

Q: Should spillage be considered in OEE calculation?

Let’s say I’m producing 90 pieces instead of an expected 100. Then my OEE should be 90/100 = 90%. But now consider the conveyor is faulty because of which 10 pieces got spilled (without stopping the line). These 10 pieces spillage are waste as those can’t be use as finished goods. So 90-10 = 80 is my actual output now. In this case, my OEE should be 80/100 = 80% right?

Arno Koch •  Basically you are right. Now the question raises: Where in the OEE will you see this spillage as a loss? If the lost items are somehow being detected and registered as waste, they can pop-up in the quality-rate. That would be the most correct way to visualize the loss.

If they are not being detected, they will pop-up as minor stops in the performance rate.

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