OEE Industry Standard

How to define OEE to visualize ALL losses

OEE Standard Definitions

The OEE Industry Standard

How to detect and visualize ALL the losses on your machines

The OEE Industry Standard aims to give guidelines how to define OEE in order to find ALL potential losses in effectiveness.

Why OEE?

An average machine in an average factory runs about 35 to 45% OEE, even though the average management believes it runs 80% or more.

This means the machine is losing 55 to 65% capacity(!) while;

  • not running,
  • running at a reduced speed,
  • or producing products out of spec.

Where are the losses?

Why? Where are those losses?? And how come, that the average management reports numbers way over 80%?

Why an OEE Standard?

Having OEE Standard definitions available enables a meaningful constructive communication between all involved parties.

OEE: Discover The Hidden Machine
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It's all about definitions!

What you are not looking for, you will not find.

To really reveal the hidden machines in our factories, ALL losses need to be defined and visualized. So in the end, It is all a matter of definition.

In this standard you will find a comprehensive overview and guiding principles while defining OEE,  Availability, Performance and Quality criteria in your Effectiveness KPI.

To comment on this OEE standard, or find out more about OEE, please refer to our Linkedin Group.

OEE Definitions

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