Zero Emission Factories

The dream-state of a factory...

Imagine every resource going into the factory comes out in the product or can be fully reused. Zero Emission...

Zero Emission means: No energy, no raw material and no time would be wasted… Is this possible?

Yes. A handful of zero emission factories exist in Japan.

Will this be expensive?

No. It is not what you put into the product that makes the product too expensive; it is what the customer does not receive, yet pays for.

Imagine how much energy goes into the factory. How much actually goes into the product and how much somehow gets lost…?

Think about all the raw materials not ending up in the sold product?

And how many labour hours…

OEE Coach wants to enable to create Zero Emission Factories: Factories where no resources are being wasted.


What is a Zero Emission Factory?

In a Zero Emission Factory:

  • All products are being produced to specifications:  No scrap or subspec is being produced;  Zero Defect
  • All ingoing raw materials either go into the product OR can be fully reused: Zero waste of Materials.
  • All products continuously flow from one value addition to another: Zero waste of Time
  • All water and air being used comes out same or better than before: No Pollution;  Zero waste of water and air
  • Any humans involved gain quality of life and add value: Zero waste of Human Capital

Over 25 years of OEE teaches us:

  • Even in the best western factories, huge amounts of energy and resources are being wasted day by day; this is often being considered to be normal or inevitable…
  • Prices of Energy and Resources keep going up. Demand keeps growing, sources are becoming increasingly scarce: this will not change…
  • Wasted resources usually are easily being paid for, however it is far more difficult to find fundings to eliminate these losses…
  • It is often believed that eliminating losses is expensive and there is no time to do so. The contrary is true: If you have time and money to fund day by day occurring losses, you should definitely have the time and resources to eliminate them for once and forever.

Never accept the waste of precious resources,

since you would accept the waste of the future.


european commission

OEE Coach supports the European Green Deal

In December 2019, the European Commission published its ambition to become climate neutral in 2050: The Green Deal.

In a Zero Emission Factory, energy is used to create value and is not being wasted. No materials are being wasted, nothing is polluting the environment and for the shareholders the best: What you do not waste, you do not have to pay for!

Producing Zero waste is the most cost-effective way of production! 


Green Deal Diagram

United Nations

United Nations sustainable development goals

OEE Coach supports and contributes to the United Nations Development Goals

The United Nations have set 17 ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, which they aim to achieve by 2030.

OEE Coach actively contributes to the following 4 goals:


United Nations Sustainable development goal 4: quality education

Quality Education

Experts from OEE Coach train and educate lots of shop floor people ‘on the job’ but also as guest lecturers at universities and colleges.

We strive to give practical knowledge about continuous improvement to as many as possible people.

OEE Academy >

United Nations Sustainable development goal 8: decent work & economic growth with OEE

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Millions of people work in factories, creating all those items that make our life more easy and comfortable. However, the prevailing losses in their processes limit economic growth and the working conditions are far from optimal. OEE Coach actively supports improving this.

United Nations Sustainable development goal 9: industry & innovation with OEE and Makigami

Industry & Innovation

Industry is our natural habitat. But also social- and innovation processes have our full attention. 

We provide tools and knowledge to speed up innovation- and other processes significantly via – No meaningful innovations without smooth processes!

United Nations Sustainable development goal 12: Responsible Production with OEE

Responsible Production

You can’t be more sustainable as when being Zero Emission…

And of course that needs to be done in a responsible way.

‘Respect for people’ is one of the six keys that OEE Coach applies. United Nations: We are with you!!

flanders make

Flanders Make


‘Flanders Make’ contributes to the The United Nations ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, which the UN aims to achieve by 2030. Flanders Make focuses on 5 of these goals through research and technological innovation.

OEE Coach is open to contribute to organisations on this path in Flanders from our office in Bonheiden (B)

flandres make goals

The OEE Institute supports the Zero Emission Factory Challenge

Do you strive to become a Zero Emission Factory or

Are you willing to join the Zero Emission Factory challenge?

OEE Coach and our partners will give you extra facilities.