Dr. Horst Grothus

About the author and this publication

Dr. Horst GrothusDr. Grothus (2006)


Germany, 1925 – 2018


  • Mechanical Engineering – Graduate from Technical University Karlsruhe/Germany
  • Promotion Dr. mont. at Montan University Leoben/Austria (Knowledge Based Expert Systems Analyzing the Effectiveness of Plant Engineering)


  • Plant Manager
  • Consultant Plant Engineering & Maintenance since 1960
  • Lector 30.000+ attendants in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Japan.


  • Scientifically analyzing mechanisms for organization-wide causes of Loss Events in organizations as Complex Dynamic Systems.
  • Developing procedures for minimizing risks causing deficiencies and faults
  • Since 1995 developing and implementing “Zero Failure Management”, a system for identifying and eliminating Basic Risk Factors.

Involved with:

Airports of Frankfurt/Main, Amsterdam and München; Allied Chemicals, Alusuisse, ARAMCO, BASF, BAT, BP,  Brown-Boveri, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, BMW, CIBA-Geigy, Continental, DSM, HEW, Hertie, Hoechst,  Hoesch, Hoffmann-La Roche, ICI, Klöckner, Kraft, Krupp, Mannesmann, Opel,  Nestlé, Norsk, Philips, Nuclear Power Plant Goesgen-Daeneken,  RAG, SCA, Schering, Shell, Siemens, Südzucker, Sulzer, TEXACO, VAW, VOEST, VW, Wintershall

Author of:

  • Grothus, H.: Vorbeugende Instandhaltung – ISBN 3-921283-00-0
  • Grothus, H.: Rationeller instandhalten – ISBN 3-921283-01-9
  • Grothus, H.: Instandhaltungskosten sind planbar – ISBN 3-921283-04-3
  • Grothus, H.: Multimomentaufnahmen in der Instandhaltung – ISBN 3-921283-03-5
  • Grothus, H.: Instandhaltungsmaterial optimal bereitstellen und bewirtschaften – (Incl. Calculation software). – ISBN 3-921283-02-7 
  • Grothus, H.: Management der Anlagenwirtschaft mit ergebnisorientierten Kennzahlen” (Incl. Calculation software). – ISBN 3-921283-05-1
  • Grothus, H.: Die Eignung von Expertensystemen für die Unternehmensberatung auf dem Gebiet der Anlagenwirtschaft. Diss. Montanuniversität Leoben/Österreich. 1989
  • Grothus, H.: Controlling von Basic Failure Risks für die Instandhaltung. Kostenrechnungspraxis 1/1999, S. 83-89


Mr. Grothus’  Zero Failure Management website was offline for several years. Arno Koch (OEE Coach) got permission to (re)publish all the materials available.The German and English version of the website and the publications where synchronized, updated and edited by Arno Koch in 2021. 


All manuscripts that could be traced have been made available for downloads.

You may download them for your own use, but it is strictly forbidden to modify them, exploit them commercially or make them available or reproduce them in any other form.