Pro-active or Re-active

You cannot predict results from linear actions

Linear, deterministic, bureaucratic, hierarchical measures,
including audits (e.g. ISO 9000), do little good:

Evolution of a Learning Organization is the solution

Two different approaches

Theoretically you may choose between “pro-active” and “re-active procedure”:

I strongly advise you, not to follow the “pro-active” procedure.

Your organization is a “Complex System”

Everybody and everything in your organization works under the simultanuous Influence of several different factors:

The Organization: A Complex System of General Failure Types – Results will not be controlled in a linear way from one cause to on result.

Several different factors

  • work non-hierarchically (as network) on each other
  • work dynamically (varying over a period of time)
  • are not transparent
  • are individually not visible

Measuring the effect

  • of single isolated factors is very difficult
  • of their influence on each other is impossible

Without analyzing your Loss Events  you cannot reliably predict, which Basic Risk Factors do really provoke Loss Events in your organization.

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Many consultants all over the world still propagate as-is analyses and audits of the organizational structure and process organization, even though they cannot reliably identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company. ISO 9000 unfortunately tends in the same direction. Therefore, you may also be in doubt. If you have any questions about this, contact us